Mobile Incenerator

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Specification of Mobile Incenerator

Incinerator mobile / Mobile Incenerator


1. Transportation Equipment


* Dimensions:

Length x Width x Height (4,500-5,500 mm x 1,600-1,750 mm x 2,000-2,200 mm)

Axis Distance: 2,300 - 3,300 mm

Front Julian: ≥1.085 mm

Distance Front Pajak: ≥1.395 mm

Rear-Foot Distance: ≥1.395 mm

Cab Range To Chasis Most Rear: 4,480 mm

* Vehicle Engine:

Diesel fuel

Cylinder Contents: ≥ 2.771 CC

Power (PS / rpm): ≥ 110/3400

Maximum Torque (Kgm / rpm): ≥ 22.5 / 2.000-3.200


Brakes: Hydraulic system with Double Circuit Equipped Boster

Hand Brake: Expanding Mechanism

* Wheels:

Front Tires: 7.50-15-12PR mm

Rear Tires: 7.50-15-12PR mm


Tank Capacity: ≥ 75 Liter

Battery: ≥12V-75AH

Alternator: ≥12 V-60 A

Power Stering: exists (Integral Power Steering)

The Tin cabin: there

Radio / CD / DVD / MP3: exists

Seat Belt: Available

AC: there


* Box Size:

Length: ≥ 3380 mm

width: ≥ 1795 mm

height: ≥ 1830 mm

* Floor Frame:

Main Frame: Box Pipe 30x30 mm

Side Frame: UNP 100

Side Frame: UNP 65

Floor Plate: Black Plate 2.0+ Plat Bordes Aluminum

Platform: Natural Rubber


Outer Walls: 1.2 mm Galvanil Plate

Deep Wall: Aluminum Composite + Aluminum

Wall Pillar: Black Plate 2.6 mm


Rear Door: Open Up Down

Side Door: Open Up Down

Pillar Door: Black Plate 2.6 mm + 40x40 Hollow Pipe

* Jackstand:

Jackstand: Auto Hydraulics

* Painting

Basic: Primary epoxy

Color: Black Doff

Anti-Karat: Standard Body

Incinerator Machine

General Specifications

Operating ability: 10-12 hours / day

Capacity: ≥15 kg / hour

Nature / type: Environmentally-equipped smoke controller

Combustion system: direct

Combustion Method: 1 main combustion and 1 burning smoke

Operating Model: Mechanical and electrical


Main Fuel Room ≥ 800 degrees Celsius

The second burning chamber ≥ 1200 degrees Celsius (As per Kep.03 / Bapedal / 9/1995), (depending on the calorie value of the burned material)

Fuel: Solar / Gas

Paint: Anti hot

Material: Mild Steel

Isolator: 36 k fire brick, castabel insulator, Nts

Charging: Manual

Emission quality: no smoke (no smoke but not much, and smoke produced by white smoke) and odors (As per Kep.03 / Bapedal / 9/1995)

Combustion Efficiency: ≥ 99.95% (As per Kep.03 / Bapedal / 9/1995)

Type of materials that can be burned: General Waste and Pharmaceutical

The volume of the main combustion chamber: ≥0,11 m3

Air pressure in combustion chamber: negative (As per Kep.03 / Bapedal / 9/1995)

Percentage of combustion yield: 3% - 10%

Maximum temperature outside the combustion chamber: 40 degrees Celsius

Gas Stay Time: 2 seconds (As per Kep.03 / Bapedal / 9/1995)


a. Main Burning Room

Space Of Combustion

Material: Mild Steel

Refractory: Fire Brick, Castable Cement

Isolator: Silica Board, Heat Resistence 650 ° C

Door: Mild Steel and lining with Castable

b. Second Burning Room

Space Of Combustion

Shell: Mild Steel

Refractory: Fire Brick, Castable Cement

Isolator: Silica Board, Heat Resistence 650 ° C

c. Smoke Cleaner Unit

Material: Mild Steel, 5 mm

Working Method: Combustion, as well as system hydroprocess

Refractory: Fire Brick ,. Castable Cement

Isolator: Silica Board, Heat Resistence 650 ° C

d. Chimney (Chimney)

Material: Mild Steel, 5 mm

emission test holes: D: 75 mm; pjg: 150 mm

- height: 7 m above ground level

Temperature Control

Model: Automatic Panel Control

amount: 1 unit

Incinerator machine that we show this is one of the company products made by professional and responsible workers and for the stock we do not make and because the goods are not common then the manufacture depends on demand from customers all over indonesia.untuk more details can contact us

NB : Biasanya standard perbandingan pemakaian 4kg/m2

Bpk. Jimmy       
0852 1707 4040
0878 9889 4040


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