Roller Barrier atau pengaman jalan

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31 Jul 2023
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Specification of Roller Barrier atau pengaman jalan

Roller Barrier


price include iron retainer or guadril and if for roller price please contact us

size 350x510 mm

Safety Roller (Roller Barrier) is a safety equipment that prevents the driver and passengers from fatal accident by not only absorbing shock energy but also converting shock energy into rotational energy.

Safety Roller (Roller Barrier) needs to be installed in locations where vehicles are often hit by accidents.

Safety Roller (Roller Barrier) will safely direct the vehicle back to the road or stop the vehicle by absorbing the shock energy.

Safety Roller (Roller Barrier) will effectively work so that the driver can control the vehicle properly with real color and luminescence

LED guide light (powered by solar energy)

Two Pieces (easy to change, easy to customize)

Reduce speed with stopper board

A reflective guide directs the driver to drive safely

Recycled materials (environmentally friendly)

Less pole (1 pole per 2m). Less cost

Help the vehicle get back on the road with a spin when the car crashes into the roller laterally.

Minimize fatal damage to people and vehicles by absorbing collisions.

Reduce costs in repair and maintenance due to Roller resistance.

Safety Roller is installed using the axis of the existing rail guard. (for domestic)

Stopper board helps prevent larger accidents by slowing Roller's rotation

Roller absorbs collisions (energy shock -> rotational energy)

The front rail absorbs the 2nd shock

The rear rail absorbs the 3rd shock

Metal pipe inserted to strengthen the post.

4 roller distance of 2 meters

Guardrail The way we show this is one of the company's products made by professional and responsible workers and for the stock we do not make and because the goods are not common then the manufacture depends on demand from customers all over indonesia.untuk more details about the price because the price displayed yet fully final because it depends on spec,

can contact us

Bpk. Jimmy       
0852 1707 4040
0878 9889 4040

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