Ubinan (Rice Harvest Measurement Tool)

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Ubinan (Rice Harvest Measurement Tool)
SUS 204 Pipe / SUS 304 Pipe OD16xID14x915 mm (4Pcs) SUS 304 Spear: Ø16 x 36 mm (4Pcs) Pin SUS 304: ÿØ3 x 15,5 mm (4Pcs) SUS 304 Pipe: ÿ Pipe SUS 304 (4Pcs) Pin SUS 304: ÿØ 3 x 15.5 mm (4Pcs)
Pipe SUS 304: OD19xID17x402 mm (4Pcs) SUS 304 Pipe: OD16xID17x125 mm (4Pcs) Plate Strep: 365 x 30 x T.3 mm (4Pcs)
TRIPOT Plate SS41: 115x 115xT.2 mm (1Pcs) Shook Pipe (Black Pipe SS4: OD19xID17x95 mm (3 pcs) SS41 Hook: Ø6 x 200 mm (1Pcs) Rivets SS41: Ø6 x 30 mm (1Pcs) Chain 06: Chain 06x80mm (3 eyes) (1Pcs) Foot Pipe Tripot: Black Pipe SS41ÿOD19xID17x810 mm (3Pcs) Foot Pipe Tripot: Black Pipe SS41ÿOD19xID17x685 mm (3Pcs) Tripot Shoes: Rubber / Rubber ID19xP.30mm (Black Color) (3Pcs)
SCALES: Portable Scale (Maximal Weight 10 Kg)
Pipe for Sock 304: 8 pcs
SUS 304 pipe: OD16xID14x990 mm (4Pcs)
Thinner paint (sufficient) for Holo iron weighing scales
GENDONG BAG: Thick Parachute / Waterproof Fabric (red)
Pipe SUS 304: OD16xID14x900 mm (4Pcs) Pin SUS 304: Ø3 x 20 mm (4Pcs)

How to calculate yields

To calculate the estimated production of paddy harvest, 2 methods are usually used, namely: 1. How to calculate with the tools / ingredients that need to be prepared: meters, ropes, stakes, crescent / serrated crescent, tarps, tampah, sacks and scales. -12 noon. How to choose: Choose 2 locations that will be used as the place of copy (eg point A and B) Measure using the meter of the two locations with a distance of length and width of each 2.5 meters. Mark the results of measurements from both locations using drawers and ropes. those who have been marked using crescent / serrated sickle. Grain loss from the pan in the place that has been given a tarpaulin mat. Clean the dirt on the grain using tampah. Weigh the results of the two locations (eg point A = 5.5 kg and point B = 6 kg ) How to calculate the cake: For example from the results of the scales above is point A = 5.5 kg and point B = 6 kg So to calculate it is: Add the results of the scales first and then divide by 2 - (5.5 kg + 6 kg): 2 = 5.75 kg Because the distance of the tile is 2.5m x 2.5m, the area of ​​the tile is 6.25m2 The formula of the seed / estimate = the average yield of the scale x (10,000 m2: the area of ​​the textile) Estimated production = 5.75 kg x ( 10,000 m2: 6.25 m2) - 5.75 kg x 1,600 = 9,200 kg / ha GKP So the estimated production is 9,200 kg / ha or 9.2 tons / ha GKP

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